1979: We establish our first Leather House store in Rhodes. A title that always follows us as a philosophy and act, as we always have leather articles made of genuine leather.

1989: After 10 years of success, servicing thousands of customers from around the world, Leather House is transported to Athens where it continues its successful course until 2011.

2011: The second generation now transfers Leather House to the island of Kos, where it is based and operates until today. Philosophy and culture remain the same, or even better because of the experience we have gained over the years. Thousands of our customers from all over Europe and from all over the world who visit our island over and over again visit us happy and excited about the products we have supplied them to congratulate us and thank us

Today, after 43 years of success in the field and at the request of many of our customers, and following the spirit of the era, we decided to create the Leather House e-shop since 1979. From our online store our customers will be able to obtain:

  • Leather bags, men's, women's, school, sports, everyday, evening, professional, etc
  • Travel, Handmade Sack Bags and Handbags Made of Genuine Leather
  • Gift items and accessories made of leather
  • Belts & wallets, men & women

Maintaining the philosophy of our title all products are made of leather. Most of them are handmade. With the 40 years experience and the knowledge we need, we can now work with Greek producers who, like us, insist on the quality of the products they produce.
Because classic is always fashionable, so we can have leather products, but in addition to classic and modern colors and designs always made with the timeless value of leather

Our long-term course can guarantee you the quality of our products and the best prices on the market.

So today, celebrating the 43th anniversary of the establishment of our store, and maintaining the philosophy of the past 40 years, we start our new online store and remain faithful to the quality, consistency and satisfaction of our customers, as we have done all these years .