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The men’s handbag has always been viewed as something of a joke. In season 9, episode 12 of Seinfeld, Jerry briefly sports a “European carry-all,” a small black leather satchel with silver hardware. He carries the bag as a means of more efficiently toting around his girlfriend’s belongings, which she frequently pawns off on him, but he soon grows to appreciate its usefulness in his everyday life. Eventually the bag is stolen from his person, and in order to gain the attention of a nearby police officer, he’s forced to shout that someone’s stolen his purse. And there it is, the joke — the absurdity of a man carrying a “woman’s” accessory. How funny.

Still, men have and continue to carry bags, but they’re usually of a particular type or style, say a rugged backpack or sophisticated leather briefcase, and overt in their masculinity lest it be mistaken for something a woman could potentially own. Even the language surrounding the men’s accessory has been deliberate and cautious; “handbag” has been derided as too feminine, so in an effort to further delineate the men’s version from women’s, “man” is often affixed before bag.

On the left, a more traditional handbag silhouette from Dior, and on the right, a slightly more conceptual design from Dries Van Noten.
But the evolution of the men’s bag from something to be scoffed at to something sought after has been quietly under way for some time, beginning with the hypebeast. A few years ago, seemingly every streetwear enthusiast had a compact, utilitarian crossbody or a waistpack slung across their chest, gleaning inspiration from the likes of A$AP Rocky and Travis Scott, who unabashedly wore their own. Designers were quick to capitalize on the trend, most notably Virgil Abloh and his collaboration with Supreme as Louis Vuitton’s creative director. The collection created a frenzy, with the Epi Danube PM, a small crossbody, becoming one of the more desired pieces.

More recently, in October of last year, Harry Styles was photographed carrying Gucci’s Jackie 1961 bag in black, then days later the same bag in turquoise. The style was reissued for the fall and winter of 2020, making its debut at the F/W 2020 menswear show on a handful of male models, who either carried it by hand or over their shoulder like Styles. In the accompanying campaign, the bag was photographed on both male and female models, boldly presented as a gender-neutral accessory.

Harry Styles Gucci 1961 Jackie Bag
Harry Styles demonstrating how to wear Gucci’s 1961 Jackie Bag.
Neil Mockford/GC Images / XPOS via Backgrid
The difference in silhouette between the crossbodys favored by hypebeasts and Gucci’s Jackie 1961 is evident, with the latter a handbag in the more traditional sense. Whereas a fanny pack can be carried under the guise of pure functionality, a style like Gucci’s communicates more, and is thus likely to be worn for the status and statement it conveys, rather than its capabilities as a functional accessory.

Peter Haury, Men’s Buyer of Accessories and Footwear at East Dane, notes a shift from streetwear styles to silhouettes that offer an extra flourish. “While the streetwear community drove significant interest in men’s wearables during 2018 and 2019, I think those trends opened customers’ minds to a variety of silhouettes that might meet their needs in different ways. We’ve seen the streetwear customer begin to gravitate to smaller, item-specific wearables (neck pouches and phone-sized crossbody shapes) as well as towards larger handbag silhouettes from our designer tier,” Haury tells InsideHook.

While there’s still a demand for bags of the waist/belt bag variety, Haury has noticed a “cooling” of the trend but increased interest in the more traditional handbag shapes offered by the site’s higher-end designers, which include Marni, J.W. Anderson and Lemaire, among others. “In recent seasons we’ve seen more brands offer structured handbags, hobo shapes, and a variety of small crossbody styles – all of which are finding traction with our customers,” says Haury, with customers finding themselves more comfortable with these traditional silhouettes, something Haury expects to increase as the barriers between masculine and feminine continue to relax. Ultimately, as with so many other things, the fate of the men’s handbag as short-lived trend or enduring wardrobe staple will come down to how comfortable men are with their masculinity.

But some 22 years after the Seinfeld episode aired, it would appear the tides are finally turning, with the men’s handbag (or just bag, if you prefer) poised to become a serious and even necessary addition to one’s wardrobe. Or that’s what the designers of the Fall 2021 Menswear collections are hoping for, anyway, as many — not just the usual accessory powerhouses like Dior and Hermès — featured their own version of the accessory.

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Well, 2020 has turned into quite the firestorm of a year–but at least the 2020 bag and purse trends are a thing of beauty. While you might not be out displaying your arm candy at the current moment, that doesn’t mean you don’t want to study up on the latest handbag trends. One day, you’ll be able to wax poetic about how you were into the trend waaay before it got cool, like some sort of sartorial hipster bedecked in full-rimmed eyeglasses and lumberjack flannel. Hell yeah!

2020’s fashion trends are influenced by the latest runway shows and street style (if not youth culture—shoutout to VSCO girls and this resurgence of Crocs). According to fashion week, we’ll be seeing a lot of sling bags, oversized totes, teeny weeny-mini bags (like seriously itsy bitsy), slouchy clutches—oh and croc-embossed handbags are coming back, too. (You heard it here first.) All throughout fashion month, models strutted down catwalks wearing next year’s wardrobe, while we took notes and surrendered our faith in fashion to the runway gods who have set the precedent for our mere mortal wardrobes in the year 2020.

I must say, if any of the fashion trends I’m about to hit you with sound ridiculous to you, know that that’s because we’re living in a weird limbo right now. In time, we will understand. (It’s like that one scene in “The Devil Wears Prada” where Andy is getting chewed out by the holy Miranda Priestly for scoffing at some cerulean belts and undermining the viral influence that fashion has on our everyday lives because she is but an imperfect mortal being who just needed to open her eyes. Yeah, this is exactly like that.)

So now what can you do with this information, you ask? Well, not only can you boast about having the 411 to your friends, you can also comb through shops and snag these bags ahead of the crowd. Heck, you might even find one for a great deal before retailers catch on and start selling them at seriously ridic prices. Or you can just satiate your curiosity by scrolling through and reading up! Whatever you want to do! (It’s your life, not mine.)

Sling Bags—



Sies Marjan/Shutterstock.

Those sling bags often reserved for travel and rendered in blah-gray jersey knit just got a major update for 2020. This time around, we’ll be seeing sling bags in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Be straight with me: A high gloss, croc-embossed sling back with bronze metal detailing sounds super chic, no?




sling bag image

Seriously Micro Bags—

STYLECASTER | 2020 Bag Trends





If you belong to the women who pay attention to the smallest detail in their appearance then you definitely choose your bags based on your overall appearance and this is probably the right way. Sure, it's just as important to have the bag you carry everyday, but it's also nice to improve your look in style.

Find out which bag fits every style:

1. Street look

If you prefer boyfriend jeans, t-shirts and sneakers then the best way to finish them off is to keep a backpack.
Prefer a textile with bold prints or a color leather. 2. Modern bohemian look Pouch bags with Aztec prints, suede fabric or fringes give style to your bohemian looks, so you can only discover the design and size that suits you.

3. Girly classic or modern sophisticated look

The cross body bags have come to stay and promise to highlight your every appearance. They combine wonderfully with girly dresses, 
skater skirts and shirts, espadrilles, ballerinas and flat sandals or more sophisticated sophisticated sets with cropped trousers,
overalls, trousers and crop tops.

4. Trendy glam look
Original envelopes are the perfect accessory for your trendy looks every moment of the day.

5. Casual chic look Elegant handbags are definitely your favorite.
Choose neutral shades if your sets contain enough color and prints to maintain a balance, and you can try the reverse
if your looks are relatively inhumane and monochrome.



ΜΟΔΑ Ειρήνη Σιδέρη

Τσάντες Άνοιξη / Καλοκαίρι 2019
Along with the top trends in clothing and shoes, renowned fashion designers have also introduced the new top bag trends of the era. 

 So what are the designs, colors and style of bag that will be worn this Spring and Summer? Which of these remain at the top of the Autumn / Winter season and what are the new additions to the list of dominant trends? Discover below all the suggestions of the famous fashion houses for the Spring / Summer 2019 handbags as they were presented in fashion weeks. This way you can adapt your spring and summer dress to the new look and make eye-catching looks!

Small Necklace bags – Lanyard Bags

Τσάντες Άνοιξη / Καλοκαίρι 2019 (1)


One of the top and very useful trends in the Spring / Summer 2019 is the so-called Cord Bags. 
These are small bags hanging on the neck. They are very useful and ideal to protect your important assets, such as keys and money.
Some designs are big enough to accommodate a mobile phone, and there are even smaller proposals from the famous fashion houses


Τiny bags for summer / fall 2019

Τσάντες Άνοιξη / Καλοκαίρι 2019 (2)


Many of the famous fashion designers have considered the top size for the bags that are too small, which often does not exceed the size of a palm. Can this tiny accessory look very cute and add something special to our outfit, but it is not very practical. It does little and can be lost in the whole we will wear.

Waist bags wrist and leg

Τσάντες Άνοιξη / Καλοκαίρι 2019 (3)

A trend bag that has been established in the last season at the top is the waist, banana or belt bags.

Beyond that, in the Spring / Summer 2019 bags, we saw similar designs that stick to the wrist or thigh, leaving our hands free again to do what they want

Hard material bags in various shapes and sizes -  box bags

Τσάντες Άνοιξη / Καλοκαίρι 2019 (4)

One of the top trends in the bags of the season will be hard - rigid.

These are bags that do not lose their shape in any way and protect from breaking whatever you store inside them.

According to the leading fashion designers of this type the accessories, with the top choice of square box (box) bags will be must for the season.

Bucket bags 

Τσάντες Άνοιξη / Καλοκαίρι 2019 (5)

Another trend of Autumn / Winter that will continue to be top and in Spring / Summer bags are pouches, also known as bucket bags.

This is one of the most beloved bag designs made of many materials. With top leather boots and trendy choices such as wicker or frieze bucket bags, 
the new season features many beautiful designs in bags that retain something from the previous season, adding a whole new touch.

Croco bags

Τσάντες Άνοιξη / Καλοκαίρι 2019 (6)


The animal print pattern will dominate Spring and Summer fashion 2019 - it could not affect all areas.

With a crocodile design, the designers wanted to introduce this trend in the Spring / Summer 2019 bags. However, some firms were not limited to this animal print design, but they also feature leopard, tabby or snake leather bags.

Bags with fringes for the season

Τσάντες Άνοιξη / Καλοκαίρι 2019 (7)

Frosted in the clothes and in the shoes of the Spring / Summer season they felt their presence.

So they did not come together with the matching handbags.

That's why in the catwalks we saw a bunch of different designs decorated with leather, wicker or knit fringes that added movement and distinctive style to the spring and summer dresses suggested by renowned designers.

Beyond the fringes, we saw other decorative elements in the bags of the season, but they made their presence less noticeable. The reason for fur details and wings.

Huge bags Fall/ Summer 2019

Τσάντες Άνοιξη / Καλοκαίρι 2019 (8)

Unlike the tiny bags we have already mentioned, in the fashion weeks for Spring / Summer 2019 the huge bags also appeared.

This size is ideal for women who want to carry everything, as small bags do not have the necessary capacity. 
Of course we fill them well, how do we pick them up afterwards? This is another issue that wants a lot of talk!

Handbags with handles

Τσάντες Άνοιξη / Καλοκαίρι 2019 (9)

Looped single-handle handbags, as they are called, are those that have one single strap, that is their handle.

This spring and summer will have their honor. Try them and make a very impressive and fashionable style dress.


Cylindrical Bags - Dumbbells

Τσάντες Άνοιξη / Καλοκαίρι 2019 (10)

An interesting suggestion in the Spring / Summer 2019 bags is the classic cylindrical bag bucket.

It will be worn in a variety of colors, designs and sizes. This means you will surely be able to find the ideal one for your needs and tastes.

Round bags remain a trend this season as well

Τσάντες Άνοιξη / Καλοκαίρι 2019 (13)

A particularly popular last-season bag shape, which will remain at the top, is round-circular. 
He felt his presence felt by looking at the special designs proposed by the experts. Indeed, the completely circular, ball-shaped bags will be worn very much during this period.
Special shapes in Spring / Summer 2019 bags

Τσάντες Άνοιξη / Καλοκαίρι 2019 (14)

Apart from the round, square and rectangles that are quite common, there were also the strange - elaborate designs. 
Particularly distinctive were the bags in shells, cages and folded magazines.

Multiple bags

Τσάντες Άνοιξη / Καλοκαίρι 2019 (15)

The trend of multiple bags continues to be a good choice for women who do not know who they are. 
It is the designer's suggestion to wear more than one handbag at the same time. Would you dare it?

Bags in neon shades

Τσάντες Άνοιξη / Καλοκαίρι 2019 (16)

Spring and Summer without vivid colors is not possible!

That's why the new colors will be the must in the Spring / Summer 2019 bags. So choose between these yellow, green, orange, pink, and other bold shades and take off your look.

Silver coloured bags for the season

Τσάντες Άνοιξη / Καλοκαίρι 2019 (17)

If you are not a fan of intense colors that stand out of tens of meters away and remind you of a buoy, give a shiny note to your outfit with a silver handbag. 
Especially when it comes to your evening out, this color will make you shine! These were the top trends in Spring / Summer 2019 bags! The choices are many and all you have to do is find the perfect ones based on your taste.



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According to the London fashion show Men's style for 2019 the best style proposal is a combination of classic pieces with a taste of urban culture and casual aesthetics and leather assessories with a tendency to crossbags as an accessory or flapover or a waist bag (tip: specify the height of the strap to reach the hip).

For women, the 2019 fashion trends also love neutral colors this year, with emphasis in pale pink, pastel and shades of green Plaid patterns are a great deal of dressing this year and are combined with accessories in bright colors such as red / yellow and mustard Big leather backpacks stand out in the presentations of the famous fashion houses.